Freedom to Travel - Recharge Cars Anywhere - Sustainable Sources Only - Cost Guarantee

PowerRoaming is the brand of the 2020'ies. By using sun powered sources only, PowerRoaming will ensure that the owners of electric cars shall have the freedom to recharge the batteries in their car with all the benefits of the assumptions made when the car was acquired, and with no surprises. PowerRoaming strive to give owners of electric cars the ability to charge the batteries on any member charging stations when away from home either at a pre-defined price or at the price of the local charging station .... but most probably at a price considerably lower than the regular market conditions.

The car owner shall be assured never to have a negative experience, and he will have the freedom to travel unlimited, not having the need to think about changing travel plans or to take into consideration where the "authorized" charging stations may be located.

As a business concept PowerRoaming is developed by the BEiJO Invest Group and administered by TIGAS (www.tigas.eu).
TIGAS will build the PowerRoaming business concept for our customers, dealing with all the stages of the supply chain: Solar panels, grid operators, and charging stations. We will facilitate the process for entrepreneurs, and lead the negotiations with state of the art solution providers. Further, we can support the entrepreneurs with the complex negotiations with authorities and with providers of financial solutions.


TIGAS will provide advisory services to any supermarket chain, to any gasoline station chain, to any car manufacturer, to any power company ..... who wants to provide a PowerRoaming concept in their region


TIGAS has the network to ensure that building the concept locally can be realized using all sources of financing, such as subsidies, loans, investors, and working capital financing.


TIGAS has the network of top branding experts to ensure that the concept is designed and marketed to maximize the effect in the local culture

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Johnny Daugaard, Managing Partner